Welcome to Trolley Tokens!

We specialise in branded trolley tokens , both 12 sided and old £1 coins for  Supermarket trolleys, gym lockers, sports clubs, swimming pools, stations and airports … just some of the places where your logo will be spotted in action!

The ‘Pound For Life’ Trolley Token® coin substitute is the most cost effective promotional tool on the market! The trolley tokens ensure that your logo and contact details are always close to your customer so you can be sure that they won’t forget about you!

Simply attach to your key ring, and when in need of a coin for your trolley or locker, simply detach the token and use time and time again.

The trolley tokens come in a variety of styles such as the popular classic coin and wishbones but we are constantly adding new designs to our range such as house shaped key rings. We also can make any shape that you may choose, such as a car, van tractor etc.

In addition to this, we also offer many generic design stock trolley tokens that can be purchased for wholesale or resale to generate revenue for your particular cause  or purchased as individual gifts.


image002Our Guarantee

The original “Pound for life Trolley Token ® Key Ring”
Lifetime guarantee on tokens. Beware of imitation!